In 2018 we re-branded as the Centre for Sexuality, and this year we looked ahead to the next phase of our journey. We are now moving into our 48th year with a new vision and a clear mission.


Vision: Sexual well-being for all

Mission:  We teach, we train and we advocate to support healthy bodies, healthy relationships and healthy communities.


We also have a bold strategy in place to realize that vision, focusing on prevention initiatives that will create powerful long-term impact. One initiative that we are particularly proud of is our Girls Program which began in 2017 — with support of our donors.

This program helps girls in grades 4, 5 and 6 to learn to create and maintain healthy relationships, navigate the challenges of puberty, build positive body image and access support from parents and their community. Our outcomes already show that these girls significantly increase their knowledge and understanding of puberty and their own bodies.

“She gained self confidence, self esteem, confidence to be herself, not caring what other girls say/think about her and most of all the confidence to come talk to me” — Parent of Grade 4 Participant

“Very positive! The girls were often using the language taught in class to solve conflict and work through friendship challenges. The girls are always so eager tand excited to attend Girl’s Group and share what they learned. I can see the empowerment they feel about their bodies… it’s so great!” — Teacher of a Program Participant

“I liked participating because it’s awesome. [The most helpful think I learned was] everyone is going through what I’m going through.” — Grade 5 Participant

This is just one example of the work we are doing to help change a generation. Our work ensures that people can engage in healthy relationships throughout their lives, that communities can integrate healthy sexuality policies and practices into their work, and that we can provide our expertise to institutions and governments to help shape healthy, inclusive public policy.

As you make your year-end giving decisions, we ask you to consider helping us create change and lead the way on some of the most important issues of our time. Government polices are changing, and government funding is shrinking. We must rely more heavily on the generosity of our donors so that we can continue to be responsive to the diverse needs of our community.

We know that you have many choices for your charitable support. We can assure you that every dollar contributed to the Centre for Sexuality is used thoughtfully and with a focus on creating a better, more inclusive society.

Thank you for being an ally in our work through your gift to us today.