You are your child’s first sexual health educator.

You ideally begin by naming body parts, providing loving touch and showing your child that they can come to you with any question. This lays the groundwork for ongoing conversations about relationships, values, decision-making and sexual health.

However, we know that many parents aren’t comfortable or are unsure about how to talk to their children about sexuality. Our group workshops, parent programs and counselling can help you learn how to talk to your child in a way that fits with your values and supports your child’s growth and learning in a positive way. Everyone wants their child to be healthy and happy with their bodies, in their relationships and in the community. We’re here to help.

Talking to your children about sexuality and sexual health

“Easier Than You Think” Workshops

Learn how to have important conversations with your children about sexuality and sexual health. Discover how to answer tough questions and where to find further resources.

Parent Nights

Parents in Calgary have started hosting these fun and informative evenings for small groups in their homes. You provide the space and the snacks – while one of our educators provides the conversation!

Customized Training

Workshops made to fit your needs. Are you a parent/guardian looking for a customized workshop? Contact our Education Team to arrange a workshop that best suits your needs.

For parents of gender and sexually diverse children and youth

Gender Creative Families

Monthly drop-in support group for parents of gender creative children aged 4-14, in partnership with Families Matter.

Rainbow Roots

A drop-in discussion group for parents of sexually and gender diverse children aged 12 and up.

Raising Rainbows

A six-week program for parents of gender and sexually diverse children and youth. Learn more about gender identity and how to best support your child.