Our Impact

For 50 years, we’ve been leading the way in the areas of sexuality, healthy relationships, human rights, gender identity, sexual orientations, equality and consent.

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Education, Training and Counselling Services Provided Through Centre for Sexuality

We teach individuals how to achieve healthy relationships through decision-making, communication and consent.

Centre for Sexuality provides relationship and sexual health education to roughly 10,000 youth annually through school-based programming. WiseGuyz connects with over 300 young men a year and our Girls Program tackles issues like self-esteem, healthy body image, gender norms and media literacy.

We train professionals to integrate sexual health into their practice.

Since 2009, our Training Centre has impacted over 35,000 professionals in social agencies, institutions and workplaces, building their capacity to support safe and inclusive environments for their clients, customers and staff.

We advocate to ensure policies that support healthy sexuality across the lifespan are integrated into organizations and adopted by governments.

Centre for Sexuality is a nationally recognized, community-based organization delivering programs and services to normalize sexuality and sexual health across the lifespan. We have been leading the way in the areas of sexuality, healthy relationships, human rights, gender identity, sexual orientation, equality and consent for 50 years.


Youths educated every year through our school based programs.


Young men educated every year through our WiseGuyz program.


Professionals educated through our training centre since 2009.

Centre for Sexuality normalizes sexuality and sexual health in Alberta and across Canada by providing evidence-informed, non-judgmental sexual health programs and services. Our work is community-based, prevention-focused, and nationally recognized.

We have been leading the way in the areas of sexuality, healthy relationships, human rights, gender identity, sexual orientation, equality and consent for 50 years.

Our Vision

Sexual well-being for all


We teach, we train and we advocate to support healthy bodies, healthy relationships and healthy communities.

Our Values

Social Justice / Feminism

We support and defend sexual health rights for all, and we are passionate about positive social change. We work alongside communities to elevate the voices of those who experience barriers to their achievement of healthy relationships and sexual well-being. All our work is focused on creating a more fair and just society where individuals are not disadvantaged based on their sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, ability, age or family status.


We respect the physical and emotional integrity of every person and their right to make decisions about their body and their relationships. We support individuals with empathy and without judgment. We provide accurate information, evidence-based skills and tools to make informed choices.


We partner with individuals and organizations for the benefit of our clients and communities. We are intentionally inclusive and our circle is ever-expanding. We leverage the power of many to achieve greater impact.


In working toward healthy relationships and sexual well-being for all, our role is primarily prevention and health promotion focused. To this end, we are largely upstream purveyors of change. We contribute to building capacities of individuals to be sexually healthy across their lifetimes and we support systems and institutions to create environments that prevent negative sexual health outcomes.

Our Theory of Change

If everyone has the opportunity to develop their capabilities and are born, learn, live, work, play and love in healthy supportive environments, then everyone can assert personal autonomy and agency (choice) to achieve and maintain sexual health across their lifetime.

Our Strategic Directions

Strategic Goal 1

Work systematically and comprehensively with organizations and institutions to build healthy supportive environments.

Strategic Goal 2

Strengthen action by communities and/or groups to build sexual health supportive environments and social transformation through community development & mobilization.

Strategic Goal 3

Facilitate personal development and the acquisition of life capacities in individuals from priority populations.

Strategic Goal 4

Change systems and structures by contributing to the creation of health promoting public policy that supports sexual health equity and wellbeing.

Strategic Goal 5

Generate and extend knowledge, and find innovative solutions to advance sexual health and sexual health equity, including building own organizational capacities.

Strategic Goal 6

Intentionally grow the Centre’s brand and build understanding of our work, provincially and nationally, within the arenas of healthy public policy, community health and wellness and social justice.

Strategic Goal 7

Diversify and grow our philanthropic and revenue generation streams for long term sustainability of the organization.