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Your Body

Bodies come in all different sizes, shapes, colours, and abilities. This section will talk about some of the body parts people often refer to as genitals. As we go through this, try to keep in mind that no two bodies look alike. If a person’s body doesn’t look exactly like our drawings, that’s perfectly normal.

The best way to learn about your own body is to have a look for yourself! It’s your body, which means you’re allowed to look and touch it to learn about it. Look in the mirror and remind yourself that this is what a normal body looks like. It is healthy to know and understand your body. After all, you own it.

Is my body okay? Am I sexually attractive? What is “normal”? At Centre for Sexuality, we get asked these questions all the time. “Normal” is whatever your body looks like, and you are perfect the way you are.


What is Puberty?

The key word when it comes to puberty is CHANGE. A person’s body is changing, their feelings are changing, and their relationships with those around them are changing, too. They are growing up and becoming an adult.

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What to Expect During Puberty

During puberty, hormones in a person's body start many changes. This article describes some of the different changes a person can expect.

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A Message to Transgender Youth

Puberty can bring up a lot of feelings. Not everyone feels comfortable with the changes. How a person sees themselves in the future can shape how they feel about puberty now.

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Penises can be of many shapes, sizes and complexions (colours). Different internal and external parts of the penis and scrotum have their own names.

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Vagina and Vulva

The vagina is the part of the body that goes from the uterus to the outside of the body. The vulva is underneath the body and between the legs. Vulvas can be of many shapes, sizes and complexions (colours).

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The First Time

A person can get all the information they want or need before their first time having sex:It’s normal for people to feel excited or happy before th...

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Masturbation is guaranteed fun without the risk of pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections or the complexities of a relationship with someone else!

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Erogenous Zones

Finding out what feels good!

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What is an Orgasm?

During an orgasm, breathing gets faster, the heart beats more quickly, and there are muscle contractions in the genitals and the rest of the body.

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What is Sex?

Sex is a healthy and normal activity for people to be interested in.

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Regular Health Exams


Everyone needs to know how their breasts look normally and what they feel like, and all folks with penises should know how their testicles look and feel. Self-exams can help you detect any changes that might require medical follow-up.

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Health Examinations

A physical check-up with a doctor is an important part of staying healthy. The appointment may include a pelvic exam, pap test, and/or a rectal exam. This resource provides some information about these exams.

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