Centre for Sexuality Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is elected annually at our Annual General Meeting in June and oversees the management of our organization with the intent of maximizing stakeholder value. They are also responsible for appointing the President and Chief Executive Officer and enforcing our governance structure to ensure that we conduct ourselves in an ethical manner.

The Board of Directors and its committees continually evaluate and enhance the Society’s Governance practices by monitoring regulatory developments affecting governance, accountability, and transparency of disclosure.
The Board of Directors regularly evaluates its own effectiveness as well as that of its members. As part of this process, the Chair of the Board meets periodically with each Director.

The Governance Committee assesses the adequacy of the information given to directors, communication between the board and management, and the processes of the board and its committees. The Governance Committee recommends any changes that would enhance the performance of the board based on its assessments.

View our Society Bylaws: CSHC Bylaws – May 29, 2017 (PDF)

Join Our Board

If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors, please contact Pam Krause at pkrause@centreforsexuality.ca

Board Selection Process

The selection of strong Board members is important for successful governance. The Governance Committee assists the Board in carrying out its responsibilities by reviewing corporate governance and nomination issues and making recommendations to the Board as appropriate.

The Governance Committee and the Board Chair seek to ensure the Board has a sufficient range of skills, expertise, and experience to allow the Board to carry out its functions and mandate effectively. The Governance Committee and Board Chair evaluate suggestions for Board members from individual directors, the CEO, and from other sources.

Board of Directors Mandate (2017) (PDF)

Board of Directors Biographies

Board Committees & Mandates

The Centre for Sexuality Board of Directors has three standing committees to examine and make recommendations on a variety of specific issues. The Board of Directors approves the mandate for each committee, outlining the responsibilities of the committee and the limits to its authority. Mandates are regularly reviewed and updated by the Board.

The Board of Directors appoints Board members to each respective committee, including a Committee Chair. Board members selected for a specific committee typically have significant expertise and experience relevant to that Committee.

Board members serve on one or more of the following three Committees:

Audited Financial Statements

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