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    Parents of children of any age

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    Varies. Can we in person or virtual.

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    Varies based on need. Evenings and weekends can be accommodated.

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Talking to Your Kids About Sex Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Sexual health is crucial in raising healthy and confident children. As parents, sometimes we struggle to navigate those sometimes awkward but important conversations.

“Can We Talk?” Parenting and Sexual Health provides insights and tips about how to approach topics like sexuality and sexual health with your children, as well as opportunities to practice answering common questions that children have.

This program will increase your:

  • knowledge of the role of parents as sexual health educators (Sex Ed for Social Change, formerly the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, found that kids want to hear from their parents about not just sexual activity, but also about love, values, and relationships!)
  • awareness of your own attitudes, values and beliefs as they relate to sexuality
  • comfort in discussing topics related to sexual health education with youth and children
  • ability to use resources and tools to increase knowledge and comfort discussing family values and to answer questions from your children