We Teach

We offer a range of education workshops tailored for community organizations. We can come to your organization to provide our workshops that are customized for your client groups.

All of our community education workshops are interactive, discussion-based and give participants the tools to make healthy decisions. We take a holistic view, recognizing that good sexual health is intrinsic to having a healthy body, healthy relationships and a healthy community.

Custom programs have also been developed for newcomers to Canada, people with disabilities, people who have experienced addiction, and people who have experienced trauma. Please contact our team to inquire about how our workshops could be customized to meet your clients’ needs.

Youth Programs

Our youth programs are available to social service organizations, after-school programs, drop-ins, clubs, college and universities, and other community-based organizations. We’ll customize a presentation based on the needs of your group. Our programs are interactive and discussion-based and cover a wide variety of sexual health topics.

Adult Programs

We will customize a presentation based on the needs of your community group. All our adult workshop programs are interactive and discussion-based. Participants will learn about healthy relationships, decision making and sexual health.

Looking for Staff Training or Professional Development?

Our Training Centre also offers professional development and corporate training on topics such as diversity, inclusion, sexual harassment and more. Please see the range of training opportunities listed in our “Health and Social Service Providers” and “Corporate Training” sections.

Our programs require a minimum of two 2-hour sessions and a minimum of four participants. Groups can be co-ed or gender-specific. To learn more about these Training Centre offerings, click here.