Thank you to our many donors and supporters over the past year. Your support has helped us to lead the way in the areas of sexuality, healthy relationships, gender identity, sexual orientation, equality and consent for more than 45 years in the Calgary community. There is no doubt that the work we do every day is more relevant that ever before.

We have never experienced a greater demand for our services. Thanks to our donors and supporters, we remain nimble, receptive and always focused on building evidence informed programs that impact the clients we serve.

Through our decades of work with youth, and requests from stakeholders, we knew that we needed to create a girl’s program. We conducted an environmental scan to determine best practices, surveyed local stakeholders including girls, designed the program and developed a curriculum. We are proud to share that we are piloting the program “Girl Talk: Inspiring Safe, Confident, Healthy Young Women” this school year.

Program facilitators will cover topics such as puberty and healthy body image, media literacy (evaluating messages from television, movies, internet, magazines), promotion of self-esteem and self confidence, understanding gender norms and stereotypes, and the fundamentals of healthy relationships with parents, peers and others.

Parents will learn how they can support their daughters’ healthy development and reinforce learning at home.

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Donors helped us start an innovative program that we have designed to fill an important gap in the community. With your continued help we can expand this program in the coming year, reaching girls and parents throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas.