“Fix Society Please,” A Transgender Teen’s Final Wish

The suicide of a seventeen year old transgender teen, born as Josh Alcorn, has ignited a whirlwind of public attention on social media over the past few weeks. Signed as Leelah, the teen wrote an online suicide note on her Tumblr, which has now been removed at her parent’s request. In this note, Leelah expresses the struggles she experienced as she tried to accept and understand her identity as a transgender person. Once Leelah discovered what transgender meant at the … Continued

‘Swipe for Sex’- Apps are Changing the Sexual Landscape for Gay Men

        Brian Hansen, one of our staffers here at Calgary Sexual Health Centre wrote this blog below for HIV Community Link- read the original publication here. As our Gay Men’s Health Promotion Specialist, Brian is developing a program that seeks to find ways to impact young gay men with an effective HIV prevention strategy. Gay men and men who have sex with men (MSM) are increasingly connecting online with their peers, sexual partners, and to seek out … Continued

Pride 2014 – Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in Pride 2014! It was an incredible day and we always love to see the fantastic turnout from Calgarians. Huge thanks to Calgary Stampeders Running Back Jon Cornish for hanging out with us on our float (the day before his big game!). And a very special thank you to our staff and volunteers for all the work they put into our float, from decorating to picking up bubble machines to stuffing Love … Continued

Meet Our People: Becky Van Tassel

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Meet Our People is a recurring blog series where we introduce to you a fellow staff member here at Calgary Sexual Health Centre. This month, your featured colleague is Becky Van Tassel: she’s an avid reader (Becky doesn’t have a top 10 list; she has a top 50 of favourite titles*), a passionate feminist, a dog lover and yoga enthusiast. Van Tassel admits that she hates talking about herself, but she was a good sport for the interview and added … Continued

Why Do We Participate in Pride?

The Pride Parade is a day we at CSHC look forward to every year. We love the sense of community, the music, the atmosphere. We love making our float and handing out Love Kits to the crowd. We love the drag queens and the rainbow flags and the costumes and the creative floats. Who doesn’t love a really great parade, right? But we don’t just participate for the good time. To us, Pride weekend is an important and meaningful event … Continued

WiseGuyz Video

For those of you who couldn’t attend Breakfast with Brian or would like to share it with your friends, here’s the video on WiseGuyz we played at the event last week. Feel free to share this great story! Want to support this incredible program that helps boys understand issues from consent to gender equality to homophobia? We can’t do it without you. Donate here. [jwplayer mediaid=”1141″]

Thank You!

Breakfast with Brian, our fundraising breakfast with Calgary Flames executive Brian Burke, wrapped up this morning. We were humbled by the response and can’t thank Calgarians enough for supporting this event and our WiseGuyz initiative. We would especially like to thank our sponsors, Flames Foundation for Life, Blakes and Bonavista Energy for their outstanding support. We could not have done this without them. Thanks so much to CBC’s The Homestretch’s Doug Dirks for being such a wonderful MC for us. … Continued