Parents, service providers, and girls/young women between age 12 and 24 — we need your help!

Be part of creating a program to help girls grow into safe, confident, healthy women by completing our survey! (see links below)

Since 2010 when we began delivering WiseGuyz for junior high boys, a year-long program that covers topics ranging from human rights and sexual health to gender and positive relationships, we’ve heard from schools, parents, other organizations, and girls themselves “What about a program for girls?”

Our comprehensive school based sexuality education program provides excellent information for youth about engaging in healthy sexual relationships, but there remains a need for targeted programming for girls addressing the urgency of issues they face. Daily, girls of all ages confront: sexualized images in the media, idealized portrayal of girls’ and women’s bodies, internet pornography, dating and cyber violence and bullying, and mental and emotional challenges, to name a few. The Calgary Foundation along with the Silver Gummy Foundation generously provided us with funding to research and develop a program for girls that begins to address some of these complex issues.

In order to build the best and most relevant program possible, we are gathering information from parents (biological and non-biological caregivers of girls), professionals working with girls, and girls/young women between 12 and 24 years about the

  1. needs of school-aged girls in Calgary, both directly and indirectly related to healthy bodies, healthy relationships, and healthy sexuality, and the barriers they experience to growing into safe, confident, healthy women
  2. programs, resources, and services available in Calgary and area for girls, as well as their strengths and weaknesses
  3. solutions to help girls grow into safe, confident, healthy women with respect to healthy bodies, healthy relationships, and healthy sexuality.

The surveys are open until March 15, 2017 and take about 10-20 minutes to complete. All survey responses are anonymous, and the information shared will be used to build a program that helps girls grow into safe, confident, healthy women!

Survey Links: