A big thank you to everyone who participated in Pride 2014! It was an incredible day and we always love to see the fantastic turnout from Calgarians.

Huge thanks to Calgary Stampeders Running Back Jon Cornish for hanging out with us on our float (the day before his big game!). And a very special thank you to our staff and volunteers for all the work they put into our float, from decorating to picking up bubble machines to stuffing Love Kits.

Here are some photos from the day:

Pam with Jon Cornish

Our CEO Pam Krause with Calgary Stamps Running Back Jon Cornish.

Nancy and Pam Pride 2014 a800

CEO Pam Krause with partner Nancy Miller, who helped to organize Calgary’s first Gay Pride 24 years ago

Pam at Pride

CEO Pam and her partner Nancy on the CSHC Pride float.

photo 1

Calgary Stampeder Jon Cornish with CSHC staff Sylvia and Emily.

photo 4

Our fantastic summer student Erin on the CSHC float.


CEO Pam Krause with Sandra Jansen, Associate Minister of Family and Community Safety at the Government of Alberta’s first Pride reception.