For half a century, the Centre for Sexuality has been working to normalize sexual health in Alberta by providing evidence-informed, non-judgmental sexual and reproductive health programs and services.

At its heart, all our work is rooted in education. Knowledge is power and making informed choices about sexual health starts with access to accurate information.

That’s why we’re so pleased to share our new website with you. The site takes a considerable step forward in making it easier for anyone to find and access the information needed to make decisions about their body and relationships. The Go-to Source for Information on Sexuality and Sexual Health

Sexual health and sexuality are significant parts of our humanity. They shape how we experience every day of our lives, but it can still be challenging to know where to turn or whom to ask if we have questions.

The new site provides a trusted source of evidence-based and judgement-free information. The site offers a wide range of supports, resources, and tools organized into three primary sections.

Programs & Services

For 50 years, we’ve been leading the way in the areas of sexuality, healthy relationships, human rights, gender identity, sexual orientations, equality, and consent. The new site makes it easy to discover, learn more about, and access our programs and services.

We create safe spaces for individuals, families, and groups to learn about and discuss sexuality and sexual health, including the issues and harmful messaging that can get in the way of understanding and respecting ourselves and each other. If you’re curious about our counselling, education, or community programs, jump into Programs & Services.

The Learning Centre

There is an incredible amount of diversity in human sexuality, including our experiences and attractions and how our bodies look and function. The Learning Centre is a categorized and searchable collection of articles to get answers to your questions, big and small.

Individuals of all ages, parents seeking information for children, or teachers looking for resources to support a sex education class—if you’ve got questions, the Learning Centre is an easy to use and growing collection of answers to questions about relationships, sexuality, gender and sexual diversity, and sexual health.

The Training Centre

The Centre for Sexuality’s Training Centre educators are experts in managing issues related to gender identity, 2SLGBTQ+ rights, sexual orientation, equality, sexuality, healthy relationships, and consent. They use that expertise to build and deliver meaningful programs to help you create a workplace culture that values and celebrates gender and sexual diversity.

Inclusion, safety, and respect are core values at most Canadian workplaces. Investors place a higher value on companies with safe and respectful workplaces, and inclusive workplaces are more productive and profitable. If you’re looking for resources and training to build a more inclusive and respectful workplace, visit the Training Centre.

Other Changes to Make more Accessible

The structure and navigation of the new site ensure that the information is easy to find. We’ve also made that information more approachable and easier to read.

Updated Content

One of the most significant benefits of building a new site was the chance to review and update the pages of content.

Improved Accuracy

Knowledge is not a static thing. Research and experiences constantly change what we know and understand about ourselves and our world. While rebuilding the site, we’ve combed through the pages to update the information we provide.

Language Matters

The words we use matter. A lot. When someone is looking for information about their sexuality and sexual health, they should see themselves reflected in the content they find. We also know that terms and language evolve over time.

We’ve updated all the content on the new to be inclusive of the diversity of human sexuality.

The Site Reflects the Moment

The updated information and language are a snapshot of this moment in time. Information will continue to evolve, and we’re building processes and practices to help us maintain the site. We’ll continue growing and changing the content to reflect the community we serve.

Improved Design

The design of the information also impacts how easy it is to read. The new incorporates several design changes to make finding answers to your questions easier.

Larger text is easier to read

Across the new, you’ll find larger type (almost 30% larger than before!). This is especially helpful for those reading on a phone screen and other individuals who require larger text.

Headings and subheadings help navigate content

We’ve added large and colourful headings to break up long passages of information. They make it easy to scan down a page and find the specific information you’re looking for.

Less stuff improves focus

The new has a lot more space. Fewer elements are filling up pages and sidebars. There is more space between information sections, so it’s easier to focus on the information you came for.

Brighter design is more welcoming

Healthy sexuality is something to celebrate and embrace! The new site’s design is bright and colourful, reflecting that our sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of.