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Our “Girl Talk” pilot project has been selected to vie for the Aviva Community Fund – and we need your votes to win the coveted funding! 

Voting is open from Oct 10 to 19, 2017 – please vote to help us win! (You can cast all 18 of your votes at once!)

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About our “Girl Talk” Pilot Project

Girl Talk is a new evidence-informed project to address the urgency of issues facing girls today. Daily, girls confront: sexualized images, idealized portrayal of female bodies, cyber violence & bullying, and other threats to their self-confidence and wellbeing.

We know from research that the best time to address these issues is when girls are young. Elementary is a time when girls are excited about education and learning, before most experience added complications of puberty that result in significant decreases self-confidence.

Our project is a participatory school-based education program for pre-pubescent girls and their parents to address these complex issues before they negatively impact girls’ bodies, relationships, and development. The project centers on strengthening girls’ foundation for current and future wellbeing by equipping them with tools they can use now, and continue to grow as they progress through the developmental stages and ages of adolescence. The program comprises an integrated curriculum with sequential core modules, facilitated with fun and interactive activities over multiple sessions throughout a school year, combined with a parent education and support component.

The potential positive impacts of providing a robust girls program are clear: girls are knowledgeable about, and prepared for, puberty; girls have skills to examine and evaluate media, and make healthy decisions for themselves; and girls have the skills to grow into safe, confident, healthy young women.