As the municipal elections in our province get closer, the Calgary Sexual Health Centre has created a website to educate school trustee candidates and other election candidates on the issue of comprehensive sexual health education in our schools.




As an organization that has been supporting Calgary students for over 40 years, we know that comprehensive sexual health education is an important part of the social and emotional learning of youth. It provides skills and tools to engage in healthy relationships throughout their lives, and it helps youth achieve more positive health outcomes. We believe that it is fundamental in supporting a safe and caring school environment for all students.

The website asks three questions. In the days leading up to the election, and even continuing after the election, we encourage you to ask candidates these questions:

  1. Do you support evidence-based, age-appropriate and non-judgmental comprehensive sexual health in all schools?
  2. Do you support the creation of consistent sexual health education curriculum for all schools?
  3. Do you support including sexual orientation and gender identity as part of comprehensive sexual health education?

We encourage you to find out where the candidates stand.