Seniors A GOGO:  providing insight into sexuality for older adults
As we get older, the question of sexuality becomes more complex.  As a result of natural physical, emotional and psychological changes, and with a lack of information on the topic, older adults often have trouble finding answers to questions regarding their changing sexuality.  While there is little information on the subject, research shows that the majority of adults between the ages of 50 and 80 are still enthusiastic about sex and intimacy.
A key component of sexuality for older adults is adapting sexual activity to reflect current life circumstances and forgetting sexual expectations from youth. It can be a time to be playful, honest, communicative, and to find the form of sexual expression which suits you best.
We have a dedicated group of seniors – our Seniors A GOGO group – who have been working to provide insight into sexuality in the later years.  This committed and tenacious group has been meeting, laughing and sharing their experiences with love, loss and sexuality to create a series of stage readings, monologues and digital stories.
You can view some of their digital stories at:
Seniors A GOGO is a partnership between the Seniors Action Group, the Foundation Lab and the Calgary Sexual Health Centre.   
Our Training Centre:  development for service providers who work with older adults
The Training Centre at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre provides a number of professional development opportunities for service providers who work with older adults. Our training ensures that professionals have the skills and knowledge to integrate sexual health into their everyday work with clients.
To book a workshop for your group, or learn more about our workshops, please contact Valerie  Barr, Training Centre Manager at  Or visit our website at:
Here are some additional websites that address older adults and sexuality issues: