The Centre for Sexuality is proud to provide non-judgmental community education programming to some of Calgary’s most vulnerable populations. All of our programs are interactive and discussion-based, and give participants the tools to navigate the world of healthy sexuality and make healthy decisions. We take a holistic view, recognizing that good sexual health is intrinsic to having a healthy body, healthy relationships and a healthy community.

Our youth and adult programs are available to social service organizations in Calgary. For youth we facilitate a three-session program to help participants understand consent, healthy sexuality and positive relationships. For adults we aim for two 2-hour sessions covering healthy relationships, consent and adult sexuality education.


At the Centre for Sexuality, we don’t believe that education is just about learning the facts. We believe that it is about making meaning of information through discussion about relationships – relationship to the self, to others, to the media and to societal norms.

Using innovative teaching methods, our facilitators provide opportunities to practise important skills of communication, decision making and negotiation so that participants are more prepared and likely to make use of the information they receive when they need it.


Our team of professional educators are available to work with:

  • Youth
  • People with physical, cognitive and/or developmental disabilities
  • Seniors  (Read more about our Seniors A GOGO Project)
  • Adults in contact with social service programs
  • Parents
  • Professionals

We offer workshops on a wide variety of sexual health topics. Workshops can be presented on the topics listed above. We will also customize a presentation based on the needs of the group.

To book a workshop for adults please call or email our office.

Reclaiming Healthy Sexuality

Unfortunately, many people have experienced sex and sexuality in a negative way, through harmful cultural messages or abuse. In this workshop, participants will examine the impact of trauma on the sexual response cycle and explore a framework for healthy sex. Workshop participants will also learn strategies and tools to reframe sex and sexuality and experience sexual well-being. This workshop is designed for already formed groups of women attending any community agency program in Calgary.

To inquire about booking this program for a group you can call or email our office.


To book a program with the Centre for Sexuality please submit your request by following the steps below.

  1. Email your request to
  2. Please answer the following questions
    1. Which program or programs is your organization or group interested in?
    2. What dates and times are you planning on having us present? (please provide us with a few options)
    3. Describe the group we will be working with, include ages, language requirements, necessary visual props and any other special considerations