A collection of borth control options

There are a lot of birth control options that work very well. There is no “best choice” that will be right for everyone. You have the right to decide what is best for you. By learning about each type, you can make a choice that fits your needs, health, and values.

Our booklet “Birth Control: Its Your Choice”. is one way to figure out the birth control that is best for you. It’s your choice!

This booklet contains general information only. It is not meant to replace an in-person consultation with a healthcare professional. As you read through the types of birth control, ask yourself:

  • Does this type of birth control fit my needs/schedule/lifestyle?
  • Can I use this type of birth control, or would my partner be using it?
  • Will this type of birth control change my body, and is that okay with me?
  • Do I want birth control to also protect me from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)?
  • What other information do I need before I make my choice?