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On Monday night, the Board of Directors hosted our 41st AGM, celebrating 2013 with volunteers, staff and community partners. There was networking and refreshments, followed by Board Chair Richard Einarson opening the business of the Annual General Meeting. A new Board of Directors was elected and we offered our thanks to retiring Board members Beatrice du Prey and Barbara Soles, both who volunteered with us for 6 years. Pam Krause, our President and CEO gave an overview of the year’s … Continued

Key Area 3: Healthy Communities – Lemlem’s Story

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There are three key areas that CSHC is focused on: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Relationships and Healthy Communities. These focus areas speak to the core of our work; they support our vision for the community and the mission we are on to achieve it. In this series of blogs, we present some of our success stories that highlight a program from each of our three focus areas.   In this blog, we look at a “Healthy Communities” personal story.     Lemlem’s … Continued

FAIR: Families Achieving Inclusive Relationships

In 2011, we began an important community development project to reach immigrant populations. The FAIR (Families Achieving Inclusive Relationships) Project offers support and information to help parents talk to their children about their family values and how they are connected to healthy relationships and healthy bodies.Topics include: how to talk openly about relationships and values understanding choices young people face when their family values are different from those of their friends the challenges of raising children in a Canadian culture … Continued

How to Talk with your Child about Sexuality

We live in a very sexual world.  There are messages about sex all around us – on the Internet, TV, radio.  People talk about it in locker rooms, at the mall, and in our own homes. And our kids hear it all. But our kids don’t get that much useful information from all this talk.  We want our kids to have healthy and rewarding lives.  Teaching them about sex is an important aspect of helping them live a healthy life.  … Continued