With the end of the school year, the Calgary Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Network will be taking a break from Roundtable Meetings over the summer.

Finding Support Over the Summer
Our last meeting before the summer break had been scheduled for June 20th, but given the extreme flooding emergencies in Calgary and area we decided to cancel the meeting. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience!

This meeting was going to be our “Summer Send-Off” meeting, with information and resources for finding community and things to do during the summer months outside of your schools. We encourage you to please continue to connect with us with any questions and we can point you to resources in the city.

Contact our team member Nick Moore at:  nmoore@centreforsexuality.ca

Other resources to check out:

We will be in touch regarding the next meeting later this summer in preparation for Pride and getting ramped up for the next school year.


Looking Back at a Great Year

In the meantime, we want to thank everyone for a great school year with the Calgary GSA Network!
We marked our one year anniversary and in that time our network has really grown! Check this previous post for our look back at the first year of the GSA network.
And here’s some things from the year that a few of our GSA members wanted to share:
The Bowness GSA held a Popcorn Sale on Apr 17th, and it was a huge success! “It was both beneficial for the group members to show their GSA pride, and for Camp fYerfly to put that money to a great cause,” said a student with the Bowness GSA. 
On April 18 and 19, West Island College held a two day event called “Be The Change”. The first day consisted of promoting awareness and rights through silence, with 120 individuals taking part in being silent for a cause that they felt passionate for. Most participants were silent for LBGT rights and equality in general.

On the 19th we ended the silence as a school – we choose to celebrate and honour our differences, rather than letting them divide us.

Overall it was a highly successful event, which addressed issues and causes that many were not familiar with. Teachers had a very positive outlook on the event, which resulted in many students participating.

Although Common ground is a small group, we were able to put together a school wide event that celebrated and raised awareness for many minorities, in particular the LBGT community.

Sir Winston Churchill’s GSA held thrift sales, bake sales and other activities – and donated $160 to CSHC! Thank you!!
Congratulations to all our GSA Network friends on a great year! Have a wonderful summer!