Information about sexual health is often inaccessible for seniors. Societal messages often suggest that older adults are not sexual beings. However, we all have the human right to experience and participate in relationships, connections, sexuality, and love.

As professionals, it is important to feel confident and comfortable engaging in conversations about sexual health and sexuality with your clients.


No Longer Silent: Sexual and Gender Diverse Older Adults

Explore the reality of heterosexism in our society and its impact on 2SLGBTQ+ individuals as they age.

We will clarify myths, language and definitions, and practice strategies to create safe and supportive environments for 2SLGBTQ+ older adults.

Workshop Duration: 3 hours

Audience: Health and Social Service Practitioners

Supporting Sexuality in Older Adults

Engaging seniors in conversations about sexual health provides them with the tools to continue to live healthy active lives. We’ll define sexuality in a broad context, explore your personal attitudes and values about sexuality, and increase your confidence and comfort in addressing older adults’ concerns and needs.

We will discuss specific issues that older adults may experience, such as questions of consent, and ways to work with the older adult’s family and other supports. Practice responding to situations and leave with practical tools and strategies to address sexuality with older adults.

Workshop Duration: 3 hours

Audience: Health and Social Service Practitioners

Sexuality is Lifelong

In this workshop we discuss sexual health and behaviours in Long Term Care (LTC). We will explore how sexuality may emerge in LTC settings and the importance of sexual expression as it relates to overall wellness.

Identify your own personal attitudes and values about sexuality in LTC while examining ethical considerations and professional decision making. You’ll also practice responding to situations using case studies.

Workshop Duration: 3 hours

Audience: Health and Social Service Practitioners

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