The Natural Supports Framework Training

The Natural Supports Framework supports clients to rely on, and contribute to, a lifelong network of family, community, and peer relationships. Research suggests that practitioners understand the importance of natural supports but may not effectively engage them without tools and supports. This is a three-part series of online training for professionals working with clients and families. After you take part one, you will engage in 6-8 weeks of practicing a natural supports approach before taking part two.

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Natural Supports Workshops

Learn more about the benefits of natural supports training and ways to enhance the work already being done in your organization.

Natural Supports Training

In this interactive session, you will explore the guiding principles of the natural supports framework and understand ways to integrate this into your own practice, recognizing this may be a new approach to your work.

Natural Supports Organizational Audit

Reflect on your practice of implementing the natural supports framework and deepen your understanding, then identify how to manage challenges and assumptions. You will leave the session with a plan for continued implementation.