Know Where to Start

While research shows that safe and inclusive workplaces thrive, are more resilient, and better able to navigate a crisis, recent reports indicate that experiences of discrimination in corporate workplaces are not declining.

BCG Centre for Canada’s Future (2019) surveyed over 5000 Canadians from over 1000 different workplace. They found that 33% of Two Spirit & LGBTQ+ individuals have experienced discrimination in the workplace.

That’s why the Centre for Sexuality has a robust audit approach that will help you test and assess your company’s inclusion policies, procedures, and practices.

We’ll work with you to revise your policies and practices, if needed. And together, we’ll create simple, practical action plans—tailored for your organization—to support change and build capacity to sustain the change for long-term impact.

Let us help you create a workplace culture where everyone feels safe to bring their whole selves to work and give their best.

The Process

We start by preparing and assessing the workplace for organization readiness. Then we engage staff in training, coaching, developing committees, and reviewing policies. We help staff become more familiar with the importance of inclusive workplaces and what they can do to support their 2SLGBTQ+ colleagues. Our process then helps to identify areas where the organization could develop more inclusive policies, practices, services and programs. Finally, through our evaluation process, we work with you to set goals and to define what success looks like for your organization, and give you the tools to sustain the changes you’ve made.

Why Participate in an Organizational Audit?

Participating in the audit process has multiple benefits for organization:

  • Allows your organization to reflect with its values, mission, and goals and their alignment with diversity and inclusion

  • Creating an inclusive workplace establishes a safer environment for 2SLGBTQ+ employees

  • Enhanced accountability for inclusion outcomes

  • Access to policy templates and consultations

  • Increases internal capacity to support Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ employees, customers, and clients

  • Recognizes the link between 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion, and affirming other distinct and intersecting social identities

  • Shifts organizational culture to value diversity and inclusion

Is Your Organization Ready?

Not all organizations are ready for an audit. Inclusion is not a one-time event. It is an ongoing approach, value, process, and practice that changes and evolves over time. Organizations, therefore, create and recreate inclusion iteratively, and must be cognizant of the need to continually address inclusion.

Organizations must consider the time, resources, and attention required to implement change successfully and sustainably. Leadership must be committed and understand the importance of their role in communicating need and role modelling changes.

Questions to Consider:

  • Can existing policies be changed? New policies created? Will there be support to implement changes?

  • How stable is your organizational climate? Are people going to be receptive to changes, potentially, in organizational values?

  • Setting people up for success is key implementing changes. Do your employees have the time to commit to learning new skills, procedures, and policies?

  • What is motivating your organization to participate in this audit? Is your leadership team motivated to make changes?

  • How have other organizational change efforts succeeded or failed in the past? Do the same conditions exist for success and/or failure?

If your organization isn’t ready to take part in a full audit yet, we can support you in getting there. Contact us to find out more about workshops, training and coaching.

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