• This program is for:

    Individuals and/or groups who want to learn about specific topics related to sexuality, sexual health or relationships.

  • Costs & Fees

    There is no cost for this program.

  • Location

    Centre for Sexuality offices, or virtually online.

  • Hours & Availability

    9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Friday
    9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday

  • How to Register

    Book online through our intake form.

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One-on-One Education for Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships

Everyone has the right to quality information about sexual health, sexuality, gender and healthy relationships. Our one-on-one sexual health and relationship education sessions provide knowledge and tools to support healthy bodies, relationships and in turn, communities.

One-on-one education sessions can be booked for between 15 and 60 minutes (depending on the number of topics you want to discuss). Sessions can be facilitated on Zoom or in person.​

A teenager and an adult having a conversation as part of a one-on-one counselling session.
  • Individuals or families who want education related to relationships, sexuality, gender and sexual diversity and sexual health. 
  • Youth who are 13 and under require parental consent to access our services. Youth who could be considered a mature minor can access our services without parental consent. 

If you are looking for emotional support, please see our Supportive Counselling services.

Your session will be led by one of our sexual health educators. The content for the sessions is based off our Healthy Relationship and Sexual Health Curriculum that we use in our school and community settings. You can choose one topic or multiple topics to learn about.  

Here are some common topics we can discuss, along with what you can expect to learn:​


  • How pregnancy happens 
  • The process of fertilization 
  • Types of sexual activity that can cause a pregnancy 
  • Pregnancy testing

Birth Control 

  • Types of birth control 
  • Barriers and STI prevention

Sexually Transmitted Infections 

  • Types of STIs 
  • Testing 
  • Treatment 
  • Prevention 
  • Stigma and shame  

Your Body 

  • Changes to the body during puberty
  • Sexual and reproductive anatomy 

Healthy Relationships 

  • Healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationship behaviours 
  • Defining, identifying and maintaining boundaries 
  • Healthy decision-making 
  • Consent, including consent law in Canada and how to have conversations about consent 

Gender and Sexual Diversity​ 

  • Terms like sex, gender identity, gender expression, orientation​ 
  • Review possible ways someone may transition 
  • Medical, legal and social​ aspects of gender and sexual diversity 

Types of Sex​ 

  • Review the different types of sex​ and their possible outcomes 

To book a one-on-one education session, fill out our intake form.

Just have a couple of quick questions? You can call our front desk at 403-283-5580 to speak to our Information Specialist. 


We’re here to help direct you to the services and supports most useful to you. If you’d like to talk to someone about your options, contact our Information Specialist: intake@centreforsexuality.ca