• This program is for:

    School-based groups for 2SLGBTQ+ students, staff and their allies

  • Costs & Fees

    There is no cost for this program

  • Location

    Any school in Alberta

  • Hours & Availability

    Monthly meetings

  • How to Register

    Contact our GSA Network Coordinator, Melia.

  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

We’re proud to support a growing network of students, schools and community organizations that strive to create safer spaces for 2SLGBTQ+ students and staff.

The network provides consultation, training, event funding, school visits, networking and more to people involved in a GSA, or those who want to start one.

For more information, contact our GSA Network Coordinator, Melia, at mwylie@centreforsexuality.ca.

  • We host meetings for students and teachers with opportunities to connect with other GSAs, learn skills and find out what other GSAs/QSAs are working on.  The GSA Network provides activities and refreshments.

  • The GSA Network Coordinator can also visit schools in the Southern Alberta area. We can facilitate discussions and run activities as well as provide posters, stickers and resources.

  • We also have a button maker that we loan to GSAs who want to make their own button designs.

  • Every GSA can apply for a grant to use toward initiatives or projects in their schools or communities. See the GSA Funding section below for more info.

What is a GSA / QSA?

GSAs are school-based groups that are student-run with teacher support, and work to create safe, caring, supportive, and inclusive spaces for 2SLGBTQ+ students, staff and their allies. Different groups use different names, but some common names are Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) or Queer Straight Alliance (QSA).

They provide a safer space for students to meet, socialize and support one another as they discuss their feelings and experiences related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

GSAs can work in three key areas: support, education and advocacy. Alberta legislation dictates that students at any school in Alberta can start a GSA at their school. There are over 100 schools in the Calgary area with a GSA.

Join the GSA Network

“Your support in getting our GSA going has been much appreciated.  Knowing that there is someone I can go to if I have questions has been reassuring. Our GSA group greatly appreciated last year when you made the time to come in and discuss gender, sexuality and identity. It not only benefited the students but us as staff liaisons as well.  We have been fortunate that our school division had a network connecting many of the GSAs within our division, but it was a wonderful addition to be invited to the GSA conference and allow our students to branch out.”

-Junior High Teacher

“Being part of the GSA Network was a quintessential part of my high school experience. When I was at meetings, not only did I feel comfortable being myself, but I also felt that my voice, thoughts and ideas were being listened to and taken seriously. I met many fantastic people from across Calgary and made many long lasting connections. As someone who was very involved with my high schools QSA, it was fantastic to see how other people across the province were running theirs and the different initiatives and projects they were leading. This lead to a spread of creativity that helped influence our schools QSA for the better.”

-Grade 12 Student

GSA Event Funding

Every GSA can apply for a grant up to $100 twice per year to use towards any initiatives or projects in their schools or communities, or for building skills of students in the club. The GSA Network Coordinator will connect with the group to discuss their idea and provide additional opportunities for support. Submissions are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Check out our application form for more information.

GSA Funding Application Form