Sexuality is a fundamental part of humanity at any age. At Calgary Sexual Health, we believe that talking about seniors and sexuality is important, and we aim to break down stereotypes and promote healthy attitudes toward seniors and sexuality.

Information about and access to sexual health services for seniors are lacking. There’s also a sense of shame when sexuality is associated with older adults. Often sexuality is not respected in community living situations, from adults being separated from their partners to punishment for the expression of sexual needs.

Seniors A GoGo Project

In 2008 the Calgary Sexual Health Centre began a project to reach seniors and begin conversations about sexuality with them. Seniors a GOGO was born, through it developed a series of monologues about the experience of sexuality after 60, as well as a brochure about sexuality and aging. The monologues, titled Viva Vintage Monologues: Making It Up As We Go Along, were performed in June of 2009. In year two of the project, the actors from Seniors Action Group continued the development of new stories with the Foundation Lab’s Mariette Sluyter. After a successful year of performances the group had their finale at the Fairy Tales Film Festival, opening for the film “Gen Silent”.

All of the monologues are available on YouTube or for sale through our Resource Centre.

Digital Stories

Hope and Harold


Nature’s Way

Everything I needed to know about Sex, I learned on the Farm

Bringing Sexy Back

Confessions of an Old Cowboy

Seniors A GOGO is a partnership between the Seniors Action Group, the Foundation Lab and the Calgary Sexual Health Centre, made possible by generous funding from the New Horizons’ for Seniors Program and Calgary Learns.

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