Calgary Sexual Health Centre has a variety of programs that we offer at different community groups and organizations. We provide resources and workshops to help newcomers and their families talk about Canadian customs and laws about relationships and sexuality. We also help parents learn to talk about values and healthy decision-making with their children.

Are you a parent new to Canada?

Help your child stay connected to your family, your culture and your values.

  • Remember to stay calm when talking with your child.
  • Try to understand your child’s feelings.  Ask your child:  “How does it feel to grow up in a new country?” Show interest in what your children think and feel by listening to them.
  • Think about if there is something about your opinion or your custom that you can change to help them adapt to life in Canada.
  • Talk about family stress with your child and learn how you can solve any disagreements by talking about them together.

Remember, you are an important teacher of your child. You can teach them about bodies and relationships.

  • As a parent, you need to help your children understand what they hear at school, on the internet, radio, TV and movies. Talk about these messages with your children.
  • Talk about family values. Explain why they are important to you.
  • Find books, booklets for you and for your child. (link to grow up ok, FAIR parent guide several languages)
  •  Learn about laws in Canada:
    • You have the right to choose if you will get married or not. And you have the right to choose who you will marry.
    • You have the right to use any kind of birth control that is safe for you. You do not need permission from a spouse or parent.
    • A woman of any age has the right to carry a pregnancy to full term and have her baby. She also has the right have an abortion (ending the pregnancy) or an adoption.
    • You have the right to choose who you will have sex with and what sexual activities you are willing to do. You do not have to be married to have sex. Having sex with someone of the same sex is legal in Canada.

Want to know about our programs

If you are looking to book sexuality education programs for your community group or organization please contact Roseline at for more information.

These workshops are designed to increase comfort, confidence and skills talking about bodies, sexuality and relationships. The workshops will help you meet your clients where they are at, no matter what their cultural or religious backgrounds.