Calgary GSA Network & Roundtable Meetings

What is a GSA/QSA?

Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Queer Straight Alliance or Gay Straight Alliances are student-run and teacher-supported school-based groups that work to create safe, caring, supportive and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ students and their allies in schools. They provide a safe space for students to meet, socialize and support one another as they discuss their feelings and experiences related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Clubs often work on advocacy, human rights and awareness projects to make their schools and communities better places to live for all. There are over 100 schools in the Calgary area with a GSA.


The GSA Network

The Centre for Sexuality is proud to host and support a growing network of schools and community organizations that strive to create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students and staff. The network provides networking, support, training, project funding, school visits and more to people involved in a GSA, or those who want to start one.

If you would like to set up a meeting to access support and resources, email: 

Network Meet Ups

We host meetings for students once per semester where they can network, make friends and learn about what other GSAs are working on. We may do a fun activity people can share with their GSA, and we will always leave lots of time for hanging out. There is always free pizza! Students, teachers and community members are welcome at these meetings. We will provide a Teacher’s Space at the meet-ups where GSA sponsors and can also network, share successes, ask questions and access support.


Join the GSA Network!

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GSA Project Funding

Every GSA can apply for a grant up to $100 twice per year to use towards any initiatives or projects in their schools or communities, or for building skills of students in the club. Submissions are reviewed on an ongoing basis, click here for the application.