Our Girls’ Program is a year-long, school based, evidence-informed program dedicated to addressing many of the complex issues facing young girls today.

With a focus on age appropriate education around puberty and bodies, media literacy, self-esteem, self confidence promotion, healthy relationships and understanding gender stereotypes, we aim to equip girls with knowledge and tools before their relationships, self-esteem and development are negatively impacted.

The program is designed as an integrated curriculum with sequential core modules, facilitated with fun and interactive activities over weekly sessions throughout grades four to six.

During the program, families are invited to participate by completing take home activities encouraging conversations around family values and beliefs. The navigation of these sometimes-challenging conversations is supported through skill building educational workshops and ongoing connection and learning through email.

Should you have questions or wish to inquire about booking the girls program at your school, please contact Erin Henriksen at ehenriksen@centreforsexuality.ca.